Dowling Catholic Retreats


Dowling Catholic High School and the St. Thomas More Center have teamed up
to offer sophomore and senior retreat experiences specifically developed
to help them with the life situations they are likely to encounter. 

Please return all applications to your contact at Dowling Catholic.  Thanks!

Below is a description of each retreat.


Metanoia (a Greek word meaning "change of heart") is a retreat for Dowling Catholic freshmen led by a team of Dowling Catholic seniors and held at St. Thomas More Center in Panora, Iowa.  The retreat runs from Sunday noon until Monday afternoon at about 3:00 pm.  The theme of the retreat follows the thematic development of "Change Your Mind--Change Your Heart--Change Your Actions".  Students will listen to talks, participate in small group discussions and activities, engage in prayer/reflection activities, and celebrate Mass together.  The entire experience is intended to give students a chance to get away from the busy-ness of life, reflect on their faith, get to know many new classmates, and grow in faith and friendship

2014 Dates

  • Jan 26-27
  • March 30-31


Dowling's sophomore retreat opportunity is a 24-hour retreat called Quest. The retreat runs from Sunday noon until Monday afternoon at about 3 pm at the St. Thomas More Center in Panora, Iowa. The focus of the weekend is the three circles of love: Love of Self, Love of Others and Love of Jesus. There is a series of witness talks around these topics given by the team members along with personal reflection time and some small group sharing.

2014 Dates

  • Dec 8-9
  • March 2-3


RADIX: Grow a Radical Faith

Radix is a new retreat written specifically for Dowling Catholic Seniors. It is designed for students who already have an active faith in Jesus and are looking for ways to deepen the roots of their faith and strengthen it to endure the storms that may come in life. They will be encouraged to be radical in faith like Jesus, who was radical because he was so deeply rooted. The 3-day retreat runs from Saturday morning until Monday afternoon and is facilitated by Dowling faculty and staff at the St. Thomas More Center.

2014 Dates:

  • Feb. 8-10
  • April 5-7

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